My Milk

Ozouf created this National Award Winning Concept, Marketing Strategy, and Campaign for Jersey Dairy.

‘My Milk’ was awarded ‘Best Marketing Campaign 2022’ in the UK National Cream Awards.

The Cream Awards is a premier event for the British dairy industry. Organised by British Dairying, the annual event showcases some of the brightest and best people, businesses and innovations that the industry has to offer. Ozouf has previously won The Cream Awards for Jersey Dairy ‘Branded Excellence’.

Andy Ozouf commented, “It was a huge recognition of this innovative campaign, engaging a key target audience and building a brand relationship and connection with them. The awards ceremony was quite special, and I was personally very proud to collect this prestigious UK award with Jersey Dairy ”.

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Strategy and positioning

My Milk Presentation

We presented this document to Jersey Dairy in October 2019. It gave the broad strokes of approach to target audiences.


Meet the My Milk Gang

My Milk Bottle

The core of the My Milk Campaign

At the very heart of the campaign lives the My Milk container. It was very simple, give the kids a container to take milk to school in.


My Milk Character Animation

As part of the MyMilk campaign, we wanted to bring the characters to life.

Development of the My Milk Super Heros | Illustration & Animation

Jersey Dairy My Milk Character Creation & Design

The My Milk Super Heros were hand drawn from scratch. This was a genuinely artistic and creative process.

Character Costumes

Real Life Super Hero's Created

As within the strategy, Super Hero costumes were created to attend My Milk events where tokens cut from Milk Cartons, were handed in to receive a My Milk Flask, engaging the kids and developing brand affinity.

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